Friday, August 31, 2007

The Beach

Hi family and friends, Shauna here. I wanted to include some pictures of our beach adventure and tell you why I love Oregon. Hmm-mmm. I love Oregon because my recycling bin is way bigger than my garbage bin, and because if you don't want to recycle in Oregon, you have to pay a monthly fee. When I lived in Utah, I had to pay to recycle. I love Oregon because there are bike paths wherever you go and lots of runners too. I love Eugene specifically because the ocean is one hour away to the west, and the mountains an hour to the east. Also, it doesn't get cold enough for it to snow and stick to the ground, according to the locals, but if I ever get a hankerin' to play in the snow, I can go an hour east and fulfill that desire. One downside of Eugene is that I am having a very hard time finding hills to run on within a 10-mile radius. Utah had great hill running. The end.

The people in the beach pictures are Jonas' parents. They are sooo kind and moved our furniture to us from Spokane. And my parents are sooo kind too because they gave us the furniture. Thank you, parental units!

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Kelli said...

I'm so glad you guys get a chance to live in Oregon. We lived in Newport for a year and LOVED it! The scenery is beautiful and I loved the winter rain storms...but no snow:) We have really fond memories of our time there.

PS. Congrats on your little one and being is truly an "experience" lol but great too.

Love you guys,