Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yeah for a job!!!!

Yesterday was a great day. Let me tell you a story. My sister-in-law, Mandi, has kindly agreed to come live with us and help take care of Kjersten while I work part-time to make ends meet. We also hoped that she could work part-time so she could make money and have a life of her own. We've both been job hunting for about two months now, with little success. We both went through three interviews with one company (though different companies), but did not end up getting the position we applied for. In fact, I was feeling pretty down about the whole situation. But Tuesday, October 9th, all that changed. We both got calls with job offers, Mandi at Michaels, which is within walking distance, and myself with Serenity Lane, the addiction recovery clinic I've interviewed with. It was a day of elation, gratitude, and happiness. We are so thankful that our seemingly dire situation was turned around so quickly.

I think that Mandi signed up for 20 hours per week, and I am slotted to work 32 hours per week. It's eight more hours than I want, but I am so happy to finally have a job. I will really, really miss being home with Kjersten. We have so much fun together; there's nothing like being adored by a cute baby. This will be a challenge for our little family, and I think we will grow closer and stronger together. The end.

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