Tuesday, February 12, 2008

an amendment

So I was reading over my last entry and realized how depressing it sounded! It was at the end of a day near the end of the week, so I was tired. Our week with James and Katie was really a lot of fun. Thank heavens they are well-behaved and like to have fun! This video is of James and Katie talking about Monique, our resident squirrel we feed everyday. My mother feeds her quail, I feed my squirrels. Enjoy the pictures too! We went on a walk just about everyday, and it was great to be outside with the kids. Kjersten had fun learning how to run, though she couldn't keep up with James and Katie. We also went to a science museum, a birthday party, the mall to play on the playground, and read a lot of books. These kids love to read!

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Michael Family said...

Aww, whose kids are those? They are so cute! I think Katie was trying to say "Monique." Thanks for the fun times, Aunt Nana!