Wednesday, February 20, 2008

a piano and a ponytail

Hi friends! Have I ever told you that I have the sweetest husband in the world? I do! He is always giving me backrubs, making delicious meals, and is a wonderful daddy to Kjersten. We've been talking about getting a piano for some time now, and have been shopping around for about four months. I wanted a real piano at first, but decided that an electric piano would be more suitable to our circumstances; smaller, easier to move, etc. Jonas surprised us yesterday by coming home with our new piano and setting it up, while we eagerly waited upstairs, not knowing what he was up to.

And of course, none of my entries are complete without something relating to Kjersten. Here's a picture of her first ponytail. This girls' hair is so fine and thin right now, I had to wrap the rubberband around the tail about eight times. She was playing with it all day long, but it did stay in!

I am really enjoying my three-day work week. I'm trying to catch up on all those items of business I've put aside. It will be some weeks before I'm really caught up though. Love you all!


amypete said...

Wow! What a fun piano. Does it do cool beats like ours? Now I'm not going to believe you when you tell me you're poor. : ) Happy piano playing. Kjersten should be a virtuoso in no time.

The Smiths said...

Congrats! I can't wait to get a piano someday! Kjersten is getting so big - every time I see her pics, I'm amazed! Such a cutie!

lisakcriddle said...

The kids love watching Kjersten! Derek says, "Do it again!" so I will play the video more.