Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rain, rain, go away

Sigh . . . . I just checked out and it told me that there were more clouds and scattered rain to come for the Eugene, OR forecast. Maybe it's because I work in an office three days a week, but I'm feeling a little sun-deprived right now. I am looking forward to warmer, sunnier, and drier weather.

As I've mentioned before, we really enjoy living in Eugene and Oregon generally for the "green" way of thinking here. Our recycling amount equals our garbage quantity. I bike to work instead of driving (usually). Jonas and I even hang dry our clothes instead of use the dryer, because a dryer can consume 10% of a household's electricity bill. Crazy! I confess, I do dry my towels in the dryer, though. We also turn off all lights we're not using, have energy-efficient lightbulbs, and run the water at lower temperatures and lower pressure. I even go so far as to wash my big Ziplock freezer bags in between uses, if they're salvageable. It's kind of fun, making my own little contribution to lessen my pollutive mark. Anybody else have fun ideas?


Michael Family said...

I try not to waste water--bathe the kids together (until they get too old I guess) and take shorter showers. I do recycle too, which is good. :)

amydear said...

You're not making we want to move to Eugene with the rain report. Luckily I have cute rain boots.