Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow and staying

It began to snow Sunday evening and Jonas and I watched as the snowflakes fell gently to the wet ground. We awoke to 2-3 inches of snow which is not extraordinary for places that get a lot of snow, but for here, it's enough to close most places down. I tried to drive my car for visiting teaching visits yesterday. There is a small (very small) hill at the end of our road leading onto the main street; I was unable to get onto the main road, so I turned (slid) around and drove back home. The roads here are very icy, and because living in this part of Oregon doesn't warrant getting snow tires, I have decided to stay at home for the week. It's kind of nice, actually, but I need to be disciplined and get the house ready for our Christmas visitors. Jonas drove to work today, but I don't want to risk driving. I can imagine myself not being able to make it up a hill, and I have no desire to pay for towing. I had to reschedule my hair appointment for next week and endure one more week of ugly hair. I hope I can make the appointment that day! Weather.com tells me the temperature is supposed to hover between 25 and 40 degrees with precipitation. I feel so blessed to have a home with heat and electricity, plenty of warm clothing, and plenty of food. If I had to suddenly transport to a time period before modern-day convenience, I would be cold and hungry for quite awhile. I am so grateful that we need not worry about the basic necessities, and because of that, I need to share with others who are lacking.

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Michael Family said...

I am also enduring ugly hair. We can be ugly hair sisters! :) Enjoy the snow. ha ha.