Monday, December 22, 2008

A White Elephant Christmas

Jonas and I attended a Christmas party last Saturday, which of course included a white elephant gift exchange, and boy did we come home with some keepers! I scored a Viagra mug, which I will be giving to my bro-in-law for Christmas, and Jonas got a homemade white tinseled Christmas tree. What luck! I tried to encourage others to take my mug with catchy slogans like, "Nothing says, 'I'm a man' like a Viagra mug," and "Give that special someone you love a Viagra mug." Apparently I would have made a very poor advertiser/marketer. The Christmas tree has a special story to it. A woman at the party had received the tree from her sister this year for this Christmas. The tree had already been re-gifted before Christmas Day. We laughed.

Other random items: The other night we went to go look at Christmas lights, and Kjersten wore her sunglasses the entire time. It was so funny!

I changed detergents on Kj's cloth diapers, and her bummy doesn't get a rash anymore. Yeah!!!

Christmas is in three days. CRAZY!!! I'm buying my last stocking stuffer/gift today. Hooray! I also went grocery shopping this morning for Christmas; I just hope our company makes it. They might be too snowed in to come. So sad! My parents and brother are coming, though, but they're staying with my sister. We might have a lonely Christmas morning.

Merry Christmas everyone!


amydear said...

Um, of course you can come to our house for Christmas morning. Kyle thought we were doing too many of my family's traditions, so we're doing his of breakfast BEFORE presents. But I'll bet your company comes!

Michael Family said...

That is a funny tree. It looks like a chicken shaped like a pyramid. See you sooooon!!!!