Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One-week report

I'm going to try to make this quick because I want to relax with my hubby. Malia is doing great!!! She's one of those babies that sleeps a lot. Kjersten was not, so it's a fun thing to experience. I don't have anything unique to share about Malia; she eats, sleeps, and needs lots of diaper changing. She hasn't kept us up at night too badly, maybe an hour or so. I'm excited to watch her grow and develop. Children grow right from the start and don't ever stop changing, I decided.

Kjersten is doing really well with Malia. She's mostly indifferent, but helped getting diapers today. She hasn't whined or complained when I hold Malia, but often informs me that I can put Malia in the bouncer chair. She also doesn't like it when Malia cries, and understandably so.

Me, I'm recovering well, but feeling a bit of the baby blues. Kjersten had five poopy diapers today (I asked Jonas to change the fifth one), so I felt like all I did today was feed kids and change their diapers, and I wished that I had a job I could go to once or twice a week. Hopefully in the future. I am eager to get back to exercising, playgroups, etc. It's rather boring to stay at home. Thankfully my sister Amy is generous and thoughtful and frequently invites Kjersten to come and play. I decided that I need think less about myself and my "inconveniences" and focus more on others. The end.


Michael Family said...

Hang in there Shauna! It will be diapers and feeding for a while, but you get used to it. :)

amydear said...

I remember being quite depressed after Hayden was born, but only for two weeks. Then I felt lots better. Please let me help you!! It's a long three days until the weekend. You are doing great and look great. And Malia is a cutie. I luff you.