Sunday, March 1, 2009


Here's my report for my three goals of exercising everyday, working my sewing machine, and starting my diaper pail bags. I am happy to say that I have exercised in some form everyday, and I feel so much better! But I made chocolate chip cookies this weekend and am ashamed to report how many of those I ate, so my exercise may have been negated by my cookie intake. Sigh.

I busted out the sewing machine and successfully wound my first bobbin, thread the machine, and practiced on the PUL fabric for the diaper pail bags. I am really excited to learn how to sew, and have about seven projects I want to do.

I didn't start my diaper pail bags yet because I need some guidance on those and had scheduling difficulties. This week!!!


lisakcriddle said...

Cute baby! What is a diaper pail bag?

Sarah L. said...

Hey girl. Just checking in. How are you. It seems like you are going threw all the regular second baby stuff:) Enjoy. It gets easier as they get older. Good work on working out. Don't be too hard on yourself for enjoying cookies;))

Britney said...

we need to get together and sew!! And hang out too of course. We should let the kiddies play, maybe thursday afternoon? Ok, talk to you later!