Saturday, March 14, 2009

Well hello there!

I feel like I haven't posted in awhile. How are you all doing? Congratulations to Emily, Lindsay, Lisa, Goombaw, and Amanda Joy for winning the gift giveaway! I make no promises on when the gift will come to you, but Amanda and Emily, I imagine you'll get your presents when I come to Utah.

That's right! I'm going on a little trip to Utah at the end of June, and I'm really looking forward to it. Right now it's just Malia and me who are going, but Jonas and Kjersten may end up coming too. I am going to see my old roommates and other friends from my six years in Utah. It's fun to have a trip to look forward to. Also, my sister, Lisa, and her kids are coming this month for their spring break, and I am eager to see them. Family is so fun!

Malia is almost seven weeks old now, and growing like a weed. She sleeps really well through the night, usually waking up only once. I'm still getting used to her signals for hunger and sleeping. Sad news: she doesn't take the bottle anymore. I am so frustrated by this! She took it great about three Tuesdays ago. We didn't try again until the following Friday, and she didn't take it then and hasn't taken it since, despite my trying usually three times a day. Argghhhh!!! I really wanted to take a modern class next term, but probably won't be able to if she doesn't take the bottle.

Kjersten is a sweet older sister. She's not into holding Malia at all, hasn't even come close to asking, but she gives her toys, touches her gently, and says, "Malia looks gentle." She mostly leaves her alone, and runs away when she starts crying.

We moved Kjersten into a twin bed last night. Poor thing fell out twice and got some good bumps on her forehead. I forgot to look for a guard rail when I went to Target yesterday, so after she fell out twice, we stuck the rail from her toddler bed in the twin bed. Jonas got some clamps today to hold the railing in place, and we're just going to use that as her rail. It looks silly but it works and I don't want to spend $25 to get a railing.

Okay, I'm done.


Michael Family said...

poor Kjersten! I actually laughed out loud when I read that she fell out of her bed, although I know that is not funny. You just wrote it so funny! I hope she gets the hang of a big girl bed.

amydear said...

You could be mean like Kyle and just keep the rail off so she learns. But I wouldn't. I hope she likes her new bed, despite the bumps! I didn't hardly talk to you yesterday. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

amanda j said...

Yay for not buying into silly unnecessary baby items! (Okay, so after poor Kjersten's experience, guard rails may turn out to be one of those that's actually necessary, I suppose... Way to improvise, though.)

I vote a bookmark. Or an enlargement of a pretty nature-y photograph (of which I know you have taken many, many). Those are both things I like. Hopefully that gives you a start. But if you do something entirely different, I'll be just as excited plus surprised! :D