Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hello again!

Sorry I've been off the radar for awhile. I was too embarrassed to blog until my curtains were completed, and I am happy to report that they are finally done!!!! Boy, my seams are ugly. That's okay. It's my very first sewing project and I'm glad it's done. Sad to say that the suede material intended to darken the room doesn't really darken the room, so I'll have to put another layer on. Sigh. Malia is already asleep, so I'll post pictures of the curtains tomorrow, from very far away. The pattern is really cute, and I'm excited to make the valance, but that probably won't get done until July. I have another project to do before the end of June.

Malia is four months old and so cute! She weighs 15 lbs 6 oz, and I don't remember the length, but I think it was around 24 inches. But I could be totally wrong. She is a loud baby when she talks. She has the best smile, with cute little round cheeks and a dimple on the left side. She usually sleeps through the night, but has been waking up lately. Lame. She loves to be outside, watch her sister play, and must always have something in her mouth. Oh my goodness, she's taking bottles now too!!!! It's great! I hope to start going on some long bike rides and have a bit more freedom.

Kjersten is beginning to take more interest in Malia, though she doesn't want to hold her. She pets her head and calls her gentle. :) She absolutely refuses to sit down with Malia for pictures, so I'm going to have to be sneaky if I want photos of them together. Kjersten loves to sing songs: she makes them up all day long and sings about anything she sees. Too cute! She loves to play with her cousin, Boo, and they are actually interacting and playing with each other, instead of just in proximity to each other. She talks really, really well. She also helped with sewing the curtains. She's a good little buddy to have around.

Jonas is working full time and that's it! Oh, it's wonderful. He's at work by 8:30, comes home for lunch, and is home by 5:15. Life is so much more enjoyable without homework hanging over our heads. I'm really, really enjoying this summer break. We're off to Utah in two weeks. Getting out of town for a time will be so nice.


Michael Family said...

Congrats on the curtains! Malia is SO cute! I love it when babies wiggle their limbs aimlessly.

Jonathan and Carley said...

Malia is such a cutie! You should be grateful that Kjersten doesnt want to hold Malia. I cant leave Abigale alone with Lydia or else she will be dragging her across the floor by her head! I cant wait until Lydia can defend herself. Oh and congrats on the curtains!

Bryce and Jenalee said...

Shauna, I can't believe how much Kjersten looks like you! What a doll.

amydear said...

Cute snaps of Ma-knee-a. I'll have to come look at the curtains. From far away, of course.

Britney said...

cute jammies! I love baby pj's. I am happy to hear about the curtins. I no time you wil be making kj prom dress! Ha!