Friday, November 27, 2009

A Thanksgiving Funny

Our Thanksgiving was a lovely, relaxing day. Thank you so much to our friends, the B's, for having us over for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner!

I made an apple pie in the late morning and went on a run while it was baking. About 15 minutes into my run I realized that I forgot to tell J to cover the edges of the pie to prevent over browning. i didn't want the pie to get ruined, so I decided to ask random people if they had cell phones on them. Who doesn't these days, right? The first guy I asked didn't hear me at first; he was listening to his iPod. I had luck with the second group of people, a grandma pushing her little granddaughter, and mommy and daddy walking hand-in-hand behind them. Grandma had her cell phone. I explained to them it was for a silly reason, and launched into the pie crust explanation. They laughed at me while I dialed. J apparently already knew to cover the edges, so they laughed at me some more (I laughed along), and they told me to tell my hubby they were impressed that he knew to cover the edges. Despite his losing the car every once in awhile, I do have an impressive husband.

And so the pie was saved! And delicious.

Onto my kiddos, M is now wearing the clothes that Kj was when we first moved here two years ago. Crazy!!! M also reached two milestones yesterday: she played peekaboo for the first time (with lots of really adorable squealing and laughing), and she pulls herself up in her crib. She was a long time in discovering that one.

Kj likes to manipulate words and try to make things rhyme. We play a silly game where she says something like, "Mom, can I muddy buddy?" and I say, "No, you need to fuzzy wuzzy first." We talk lots of nonsense around here.

Sad story: I lost my wedding ring last weekend when my sis and I went to Land of Ports (Portland). We'll have to wait for our tax return to get a new one. I'm looking into a tungsten ring. I wanted this one, but can't get it in my size, so I'll probably settle for this one. Sadness.

Yeah for Christmas coming! We're getting our tree this weekend and going to decorate the house.


amydear said...

Yeah for Christmas trees! I'm hoping the B's come home with one for us. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We missed you here.

Michael Family said...

Sounds like fun! I am so excited for Christmas, and so sad for your ring. Hopefully you will find it! If not, you can always pretend you are single with 2 kids. Just kidding. :)

Joel Deehr said...

Ohhhh whos the one who loses important things?? haha. just giving you a hard time.