Monday, December 14, 2009


Sorry I missed yesterday. That's two days missed from my daily goal. Oh well. I forgot to take pictures today while the sun was up, so no pictures to post. Hopefully I'll remember tomorrow. Let me put it in my phone. Hold on.


Man, this daily blogging is hard because I am certainly not clever, deep, or thoughtful enough to post meaningful items everyday. Since I currently smell like chlorine, how about I talk about swimming?

How do you feel about swimming? I think it's great exercise, but a bit on the boring side. Open water swimming is appealing to me, but only in very warm summer months. :) Then I think I would feel like I was actually going somewhere, and I think the workout would feel entirely different than in the pool. I do notice that my cardiovascular capability improves when I swim, and I like how I use my entire body to "slice through the water" (how's that for Total Immersion, Renee?). Downsides of swimming are that it's the same movement over and over again, and there's no changing scenery along the way.

Now if you're talking about just playing in the water, swimming the way kids do on a summer's day at the lake, that's the kind of swimming I love. I spent most of my summers as a kid in the pool. Thanks to Mom and Dad for all the swim lessons and pool memberships. I am very grateful to feel comfortable in the water, and I love the way I can feel like a slow-motion gymnast while doing flips and twists. Come on, admit it. How many of you pretended you were Ariel too? I never did get that big bust and little waist (Marisa). Boy was I tan though, which is why I now have crow's feet around my eyes and wrinkles around my mouth. I'm only 27, but I can swim!


Michael Family said...

You are funny. And I don't know what you are talking about when you made a certain reference. So there. See you soon!

A, M and S said...

Boring! How can you say mindlessly paddling through the water is boring! Okay, lets go for a run so we can chat.