Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lots and lots of girls

I'm sad I didn't get a picture of our playgroup today. All told there were 9 girls in our house today, J being the lone man to represent. He spent most of his time in the room or on manly errands. My good friend Lindsay came into town for a brief visit and stopped by to say hi and show off her two cute girls. Britney and her two girls came over, and then of course I have my two cuties, so it was quite the female gathering. Britney and Lindsay talked crafts; I listened and wished I had talent, drive, and creativity in that area. No, I have drive, or at least desire. Just not talent or creativity. (I'm not searching for validation here, so no need to convince me otherwise. I am aware of my capabilities, and it does not make me sad that I am not crafty. I yam what I yam.) Thanks for dropping by, Lindsay! We wished you lived closer. I miss making ransom videos for stolen objects.


Michael Family said...

Well, it's ok to not be crafty. You can try other things, like bungee jumping or writing an epic novel. Or just sew some curtains!

Britney said...

Thanks for having us over, you have a great selction of toys and lots of room!! We like coming over!!