Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Malia walks!

Two or three nights ago, J started having M walk to him; just little walks, two and three steps. By tonight, she's been taking eight steps or so, and is doing so well! One of M's favorite things to do is be held by the hands and walked around and around and around and around the house. It gets a little wearisome, as you might guess. I also take the girls for walks outside quite often, and we have a wagon that's M's size that she likes to push around. Babies progress so quickly! M is growing up a lot faster that Kj did. Enjoy the video!


amydear said...

So cute! Love it. And I love that she hasn't screamed at me lately. Maybe we WILL be friends.

Michael Family said...

That is awesome! Go Malia! I can't wait to see her terrorize our house too!