Friday, December 11, 2009

Seasonal favorite

I have a question for you, my loyal readers. What is a favorite thing about the holiday season for you? Please comment; I am very interested to hear what you enjoy most.

I'm going to cheat and list two favorite things, because one is new to me this year, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the music, but more specifically, The Carpenters Christmas album. Love, love, love it! I grew up on this album. I remember it always being played as we decorated for Christmas. My mom got me the CD last year, and I was surprised to see two CDs. The record didn't have as many songs as my snazzy CD collection does. Karen sings in my range exactly, so it's perfect for singalong. Ahh! I love their album. Sadly, that's the only Christmas music I have, save one CD that came with the Reader's Digest Christmas music book my mom also got me last year. Good old Mom. I am in desparate need of more Christmas music. I find radio music too irritating to listen to.

My second favorite thing that just started this year is watching Kj enjoy the Christmas season. We have two advent calendars that she can move/put pieces on. She loves looking at the ornaments and playing with the playable ones. She is excited! I am trying to teach her songs; she and M like to sit at the piano with me while I play and sing. J and I also insert whenever possible that the true meaning of Christmas is in the birth of Jesus. Thanks to Goombaw for the Fisher Price nativity and advent calendar!


Joel Deehr said...

I also love the carpenters album. It definiely is a classic. I also love formal classes ending and getting to spend time doing personal animation projects. Which is a new christmas favorite of mine.

Michael Family said...

Carpenters all the way! One of my favorite things about Christmas is the FOOD!

Michael Family said...

Carpenters all the way! One of my favorite things about Christmas is the FOOD!

amydear said...

I love all the things you only do this time of year -- fudge, egg nog, putting up lights, music, stockings, nativities, etc. (Do you like how I cheated?)