Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I want Mao!

Those are the words Malia yelled while we visited the Cattery at the local humane society on Monday. If I were to type the words as Malia meant them, it would be, "I wan mow!" meaning a cat. Heaven knows why the cats kept their distance from a loud, commanding 14-month old. We had lots of fun visiting the animals. The Cattery is like a big living room with lots of cats to pet. There are many climbing structures, some benches, and toys that people can use to play with the cats. The girls really enjoyed themselves, although kj and her friend seemed to fight over a certain green cat toy more than actually play with the cats. Those territorial three-year olds. We also saw and fed some dogs, which Kj loved. It reminded me that I want a dog someday.

Today we went to a tulip farm up north. The weather wasn't as sunny and warm as forecasted, but so it goes in Oregon. The girls both napped on the way up, and had a great time running around the fields and playing in the kid area. The picture of them by the water pumps was a fun activity. The object was to see how fast you could "swim" your ducky down the water ramp by pumping the water as fast as possible. Kj loved it, and M loved to splash and put the ducks in her mouth. Gross! I dissuaded her as much as possible, but had minimal success.

The tulips were beautiful!!! I've never been to a flower farm before. Acres and acres of colorful rows of beautiful flowers. It was lovely. I wish J could have been with us.


Tawny Crane said...

Soo beautiful!

Tawny Crane said...

I am talking about Mao! that handsome fellow ;)

The Clarks said...

Funny, I don't know if you already know this, as you put a picture of Mao, but Mao is also "Cat" in Chinese!
I swear Kids are saying Chinese words all the time! I think it's just easier for their little mouths to speak!
Your beautiful daughter is just a genius as well as adorable!