Sunday, May 9, 2010

Post # 189

Welcome to my 189th post. I'm glad we can share this moment together.

Happy Mommy's Day to all you moms and other uterus-bearing females. Wait, no, females without uteruses/uteri? count too. What a gross word, uterus.

Speaking of gross words, the rest of this email might be rated PG-13. At least this paragraph will be. We are members of an indoor playground co-op. Kj found a pair of twin boys to play with there, and they decided that "chase" would be a good game to play. One of the twins was holding a play screwdriver, and said while chasing Kj, "I'm going to screw you!" I was laughing my head off then, and I'm laughing now. It never gets old. Then it was Kj turns to chase, so she yells, "I'm going to screw you!" The mom and I were practically in tears. While driving home, Kj asks, "Why did he want to screw me?" What could I say? Ahhh, childhood innocence.

The bad language isn't confined only to Kj. M likes to have her say too. She is talking very well for 15 months, and knows how to say "sit," although at times it sounds like an "h" is inserted as well. We went to pick up J from the law school the other day, and the girls love to climb the stairs. With each stair descended, she declared, "Oh s_it, oh s_it." Her grandfather was a sailor: I'll blame it on him.

In other news, I had a great mother's day! J made a delectable breakfast, I got 8 hours of sleep the previous night, I sat in my bed and wrote a decent journal entry, I played with the girls, and ate some choice chocolate. Could a woman ask for anything more? Yes! A massage from her gorgeous husband, which I will be enjoying in approximately 20 minutes.

On Friday we went up to Salem to celebrate our good friend graduating from the State Trooper program. I can officially say that I now know a cop. We are really happy for Our Bons and so proud of Kenty. It was great to spend the day together as a family. J has been gone every Saturday for the past month, so I really enjoyed the outing.

J is done with law school on Tuesday. Hooray and hurrah!!!! The final hurdle: the bar.

My mommy's day gift "bowl," complete with a year's supply of popcorn, some yummy ice cream and dark chocolate, and Casablanca.

Our family and Our Bons

You so want his hat

Girly friends


Michael Family said...

Woah, your hair is getting so long. Your kids need to clean up their language before they play with my kids. :) Congrats to J, way to go man!

amydear said...

I am so glad that you got J to yourself for a day. I hope he takes a bit of time off after finals are done. We need to plan a party for him! Your gift bowl is so cute. Nice work, J. We were sorry you didn't come for dinner. Soon.

Adee said...

KJ and M crack me up! I'm so glad you blogged those two stories! Hey, Congrats to Jonas for finishing! Hooray! And good luck on passing the bar. I'm so happy for you guys!

Maggie said...

I also noticed how long your hair is getting. Cute! I love the "screw you" story. Kids are so entertaining. Congrats on J finishing law school.