Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kj turns four years old!

All right, all right, so I'm a week and one day late, but I think Kj had a good birthday this year. I didn't want to throw a party, so I paired playgroup with birthday cupcakes, and it was a success. There were so many moms and little kids running through our little house; it was crazy and fun! And despite my listing on the invitation that presents weren't necessary, some friends still brought some great little gifts.

On her actual birthday (Sunday), we had family over for dinner, and some friends joined us for cake and ice cream. Kj requested her cake to look like Pepper, a cute little black and white stuffed animal cat given to M by her loving cousin, H-dog. J did a great job on the cake! I'm so glad that someone in our family is artistic, because it sure isn't me!

And the celebrations continued on Monday at preschool. Kj got to wear a special crown, and I brought *gasp* doughnuts for her class. I just couldn't bring myself to make any more cupcakes or cake.

I love my Kj, though she can be very fussy and disobedient sometimes. She has blossomed and gained more confidence since starting preschool, and it's fun to see as a mother. She was scared at first, but has grown to love going to school. She is very imaginative: she makes up fun songs and stories about the toys she's playing with. My favorite moments are when she and M play well together. She asks lots of good questions about her world and what she sees. It's also fun to hear her interpretation of what is going on around her. When she loves, she loves fiercely. Her cousin, H-dog, is very good to her. They have such similar skin and hair coloring, they look like siblings sometimes. Kj likes to be around people, but is also good about taking time to be on her own when she needs/wants. She likes to help me cook, and I really enjoy when we can do that together, just the two of us. We love her fun, playful spirit!

Kj raking leaves.  It's very hard to get her to hold still for a picture.  This is the best that I could do.

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Michael Family said...

I am a lame aunt and never called. But it looks like she had fun despite that. :) I love the cake--that is awesome!