Friday, November 26, 2010


I love Thanksgiving! How great is it that we have a holiday that celebrates gratitude and food all in one?!?

Sadly, we couldn't go to my sister's in CA for this holiday, so we invited some friends over to our home instead. If you aren't aware, I do have a sister in town, 1/3 of a mile away, actually, but we're fighting at the moment, so we decided to not celebrate this holiday together. Sad.

But on to the fun festivities! Actually, we didn't do anything particularly fun. J and I made a lot of food, and the girls played and watched DVDs. J was so sweet and enabled me to go on a trail run, since it didn't rain yesterday. It was awesome! The trails were really busy though, more people than I've ever seen on them. I ran with a couple of dogs until their owners called them back. I'll have a dog someday.

J's turkey turned out very well, though a bit on the crispy side. The flavor was excellent. Pity we don't have any leftovers. We got a pretty small bird because we weren't feeding a lot of people. Our friends brought rolls, veggies, fruit, pie, drinks, etc. It was a wonderful feast!

The above picture is my impromptu centerpiece. We don't have a tablecloth long enough for our table when it's expanded all the way, so I had to improvise. In our forests here we have ferns aplenty, so my trail run was the inspiration for it. I added some little gourds, hazelnuts, and tangerines.

We busted out our small collection of Christmas decorations today, but will wait until next weekend to get our tree. Kj understands Christmas is this year, and is very excited about it, which gets me excited!. I haven't been this excited about Christmas in a long time. My parents and siblings and their families are all coming here, and we are going to have a great time! Hopefully my sister and I can make up.

Just kidding! My sister and I are not fighting. How many of you believed me?


Michael Family said...

I love your centerpiece. I am glad you are not fighting. We missed you here!

Joel Deehr said...

I thought you were serious about the fighting thing.

lisakcriddle said...

Ok this is a week late, but I believed it too!

Klearbon said...

I LOVE your new family picture, you all look so good and you look so beautiful! You're hair is getting long, I love it! First, I'm happy you are not fighting your sister and second, I really like the art time picture of the girls, so cute!

Britney said...

I love the last picture... it is so cute! Thanks for letting us play in your snow and hang out at your house! We had a blast!