Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not-so-deep thoughts by me

* Today during the sacrament, M loudly proclaimed that, "Baby Jesus in naked!"

* Kj got the phrase, "Put me down, you old wind bag" from Disney's "The Jungle Book." A combination of when Mowgli yells at Bagheera to "put him down" and Winifred the elephant calling her husband, Col. Hathi, that he's "an old wind bag."

* I just downloaded two of Norah Jones' albums yesterday. Why I did no do this five years ago, I don't know. I love her voice and music!

* Singing in a choir can be embarrassing when the choir needs more practice.

* I love when music stirs me. I went to a Christmas concert tonight, and two of the pieces were especially good. They were some wind and brass instruments accompanying the voices. I was very moved.

* Hearing good music really makes me want to dance. I ache to dance. I miss dancing. I love dancing. I want to dance again. Dance, dance, dance.

* I still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. How about you?


Tawny Crane said...

That must have been where you were when we came bearing gifts. If you miss dance you should take a class.

Klearbon said...

You should try Zumba, it's so much fun!

A, M and S said...

I heard the strings with that Christmas Concert were particularly fabulous.

You should dance more. I am sure Siena would dance with you in the aisles of church during sacrament meeting. She has done it before.

amydear said...

Thanks for singing in the ward choir. I like to stand by you in the alto section!