Sunday, January 9, 2011

Praying for miracles

Happy New Year! Have I said that already? So far, the year is looking good. Kj and M are such sweet, fun girls to be around. J is working hard studying for the bar. His anxiety level is going up a bit now that the exam is just around the corner (Feb. 22-23). I'm confident that he'll pass. We are excited for that day!

I was reading this blog that I enjoy following, and got the idea to pray for miracles this year, instead of doing New Year's resolutions. I often forget my resolutions around February or March, and I know my weaknesses pretty well to know what I want to be working on anyway. So her idea really inspired me. She talks about praying for things that seem impossible. J and I couldn't come up with anything seemingly impossible to pray for, so we decided on four "possible" miracles. I've really enjoyed keeping these four miracles in mind during my prayers and throughout my days. I believe that I can be an instrument in Heavenly Father's hands to bring miracles about, so I've also been pondering on what I can do to help these miracles along. It's brought J and me closer together too as we work toward these miracles. Some of the miracles are for us, and some are for others. I highly recommend giving this a try if it perks your interest.

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lisakcriddle said...

Great idea! I'm inspired!