Friday, March 18, 2011

I changed my mind

I feel like I've been complaining and whining a lot lately. I'm sorry. Do you do that too? I don't recommend it. It doesn't benefit anyone.

I mentioned a post or two back that I want to make my blog more "depthful." Making up words is fun. But I changed my mind regarding the depthfulness. This blog is meant to be a sort of journal for my family, not a soapbox for my opinions, or even a journal of my scripture study. I decided that if I want to share thoughts on less fluffy matters, I'll create a new blog.

It's been raining A LOT here, but the girls and I did get out for an hour yesterday to run around. There's a nearby small butte that they LOVE to run around and explore. Little kids in rain boots is a very cute combination. On the way back to the car, they had long sticks and were hitting everything in sight. Moo was even saying something that resembled, "Bang!"

I kind of went crazy on buying things for the house this week. I think I've been repressed for so long with a tight budget, and we got some good tax return money, that I went a little overboard, but just a little. I purchased some cute ottomans for the living room, as we took out the coffee table a month or two ago. It's still living in our bedroom, but that will hopefully change this weekend! I love the multicolor, and am confident that they will match well enough any new couches we will buy in the future.

Behold the ottoman!  The camera flash washes out the colors; they are more vibrant than this.

This past Tuesday proved to be another rainy day, and I turned Kj's bed over, just for something for the girls to play with. Kj has a loft bed, but she does NOT want to sleep on the top. I think she's scared, or just doesn't like the change. I decided an hour after flipping the bed that it was time to buy Moo a mattress and get some matching bedding for the girls. We planned on doing this before the baby comes, as the baby needs the bed that Moo was sleeping in. But I was seized by some powerful force, did some online shopping, got a great deal on a new mattress, a not-so-great deal on the bedding, and voila! The girls are now sleeping bunk bed style. I had immediate buyer's remorse over the bedding because there were cheaper options, but Kj helped pick out the bedding, and that was a very important step to her accepting the change. She does not like change very much. The stickers were fun for the girls to put on the walls. What do you think?

Kj's little nest

Moo's sticker art, with some help from Mom

Oooh!  Convertible comforters with lots of crazy colors and patterns!

The pseudo bunk beds.  Someday I will buy them some real bunk beds so Kj doesn't have to sleep on the floor, but it works for now.  I like that Moo isn't too high up.


Michael Family said...

That's fun! I like the patterns and colors on everything. Are those vinyl stickers? Very cute!

A, M and S said...

Go you and your silly purple iguana (is that what it is?)! The "bunk" beds look great. I'm glad you were able to splurge a bit this week.

Tawny Crane said...

I can't believe you have a melon in your tummy. As for the bunk beds I love the stickers it pulls everything together.
I hear you on the closer community living. It would make daily tasks so much more enjoyable.

And your funny with fluff vs. Depth. :)

Maggie said...

so cute. love the stickers.