Tuesday, August 16, 2011

He's finally here!

Our little S arrived safely Monday morning! So here are all the details. Skim at your preference.

We'll start our tale of S's birth the night before, on August 14th. It was my friend Britney's birthday, and in one last, desperate attempt to induce labor, I walked (read: waddled) about one mile to and from her party, pushing the girls in the bike stroller. I was REALLY hoping/praying to start labor that evening because a midwife said that if I didn't start labor by Sunday, I would have to birth at the hospital. We've been seeing the six midwives who are based at a lovely birthing center right near the hospital, and my plan was to have S there. So when I went to bed on Sunday evening around 11 pm and no labor had started, some tears of frustration and sadness were shed.

I woke up the next morning with no contractions. Bummer. Of course I had to go to the bathroom!, and after doing so, I stood up and all this water gushed out of me. Apparently my water had broken. I stood there for fully one minute not knowing what to do. J was in the shower so I couldn't call on him for help. Water was everywhere, my clothes were wet, but I finally got my bearings, cleaned up as best I could, and waddled upstairs to let J know. He is an exceedingly attentive husband and jumped out of the shower before finishing up, ready to roll. I told him to chill out and finish his shower, not knowing when labor would start. It started almost right away. M's birthing experience was not quite six hours from start to finish. S's blew M's right out of the water, no pun intended on various levels, as you will see.

I called the midwife to let her know. She had delivered M and remembered that that labor had progressed quickly. I was pretty relaxed since we had everything ready, and started finding someone to take the girls. I realized within half an hour that we needed to get moving. My AWESOME friend Tawny took the girls for us (that girl is up for anything!), I called the midwife half an hour after my first call and asked if we could come in. We were to the birth center by about 8:45, I think.

One of the reasons I wanted to have S at the birth center is because they have the water birth option, of which I've heard great things. The water really did soothe me at the beginning. I didn't get out once I was in, but I hate to imagine more pain out of the water than what I felt in the water. Let's just say it hurt really badly and I yelled really loudly. J was the perfect birthing companion, and the midwife was excellent as well. S was born at 10:03 am, making the birthing experience just a little over three hours. Apparently I don't waste time having babies. They just take their sweet time coming out. S was one week late to the day. The midwife who delivered S said that I could choose between the birth center and the hospital. I was so happy to choose the birth center! Heavenly Father answered my prayers.

BTW, drugs for pain relief during labor aren't an option at the birth center. During most of S's birthing experience I kept thinking, "I'm getting an epidural next time." I told this to one of my sisters afterwards and she said, "That's what you said last time." Ha! That doesn't surprise me at all. I remembered being in a lot of pain with M, but the pain was so short-lived, I guess I thought I'd just do it again. I don't think we understand the effect of drugs on the baby's body, and I believe that our bodies are capable of having children naturally. I'm not saying that people who choose pain relief are wrong or weak; I had an epidural with Kj, and I may seek pain relief again. I'm just letting you know my reasons for choosing a natural birth this time around.

S was born on Monday, August 15th at 10:03 am weighing 7 lbs 4 oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches long. He has a long, kind of big head (14 inches circumference. No wonder it was so hard to get out!), and is beautiful! Is there anything to compare to that first moment of holding your baby after they're born? The relief, the joy in finally meeting them, holding their precious little body next to your own? I feel better the moment after my babies are born, and my love for this fuzzy little guy grows more every moment. He is a sweet, mellow baby thus far. I love these first few days of staying calm and happy at home, nesting with my little baby. The girls want to hold him and be with him all the time. Kj is very gentle, M a little more rambunctious, but both are very loving. They helped me give him a little washcloth bath yesterday.

I am eternally grateful that J and I were prompted to get pregnant when we did. Our "plan" was to not get pregnant until he had passed the bar. We all know that that didn't turn out as we had first (or second) hoped. But the Lord continues to bless us in J's employment. We make enough to meet our needs and some wants. Our family is truly blessed.


Michael Family said...

Yay! Congratulations! He is so cute.

Britney said...

Yeah! I love the story and he is so cute! I am so happy everthing worked out so well, can't wait to hold him! Way to go!

EmmaLee Robinson said...

I am so happy for you. Congrats!!! He is so beautiful.

amanda j said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I love that I got to hear the whole story even though we never see each other! (And, as my SHORTEST labor was 15 hours, I think we may stick with the epidural in my case. :? If we didn't it might kill Ivan.) I think it's FANTASTIC, though, that you've had great experiences with the midwives and natural birth! Way to go, friend!

Travis & Joann said...

WOW, three hours! He's so handsome. Congrats and have fun with that little boy.