Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wow, has this last week been a doozy for me physically! My life is incredibly simple, easy, and blessed, so whenever a hardship comes my way, I get knocked around pretty easily. It started last Monday when I thought/hoped I had gone into labor. Both my girls came out "sunny-side up," so I experience a lot of back labor and pain. Starting at 4 pm and lasting until 11 pm, I was having some pretty serious back pain, and I hoped that I was in labor. Sadly, it was not to be. I've had a lot of back pain and cramping this week, but nothing serious or regular enough. Each day I try to think of fun things to do with the girls just to pass the time. It's fun to play and take it easy, but this feels excessive to me. I want the baby out and to move on! I have very little motivation to do extra work or start new projects; I feel stuck in the waiting game. Thankfully we are enjoying lovely weather and can be outside. I hope this waiting doesn't go longer than one week.

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Michael Family said...

I hope S makes his appearance soon!