Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Times

Here's some snapshots of what we've been up to lately. I love autumn! Teddy is officially 3 months old today! He is a wonderful baby, often sleeping through the night. He loves to watch his sisters play, eat his hands, and coo with mom.
Here we are painting our grateful tree. We add a leaf each day to the tree with something written on it of what we are grateful for. Was that sentence horrible grammar? It felt very awkward to me.
We also had a leaf-jumping party with some friends. The friends came a little late, so I only have pictures of my girls. They had a BLAST jumping and wrestling in the leaves and throwing them at each other. They were very dirty when all was done. I love all the colorful trees on our street. It makes me smile every time I look outside.
Happy Thanksgiving to you! Teddy and I are off to Utah for my brother's wedding after Thanksgiving. I am excited to meet my new sister-in-law!


Amy said...

thanks for having us over for the leaf throwing! it was good to get out of the house :) what a great idea- a grateful tree! (and the sentence wasn't awkward- no worries)

Travis & Joann said...

Oregon is beautiful in the fall. Even in Washington on this side of the state. I was so happy my mom could be here when Annabelle was born so she could see how pretty it is because I'm always talking to her about it. We went back to Spokane in October to visit a while ago and everything is dead by mid oct. Love all the leaves! That's one of the best parts of fall. The only thing I do miss is the crisp fall air that Spokane has.