Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My poor kids. When I look at other people's blogs, I see cute kids with cute hair, cute costumes, fun holiday food to eat, homemade pinatas for birthdays, etc. I just don't roll that way. I wish that I did. I wish I wanted to try harder, but I don't. So here are some pics from Kj's 5th birthday and Halloween.

I can't believe we didn't get more pics for Kj's birthday. We had a small party for her too, but apparently no pictures. I think with little S hanging around, I am a lot more distracted lately.

Kj seems to be getting taller and leaner everyday. She's never been chubby, but she's definitely stretching out. She lost her first tooth probably two months ago. I think it was due to her bottom two teeth overlapping. She was VERY excited about it, and pulled it out all by herself. She still has the tooth. It is so tiny.

Kj and M are great friends and love to play, wrestle, and dance together. If things aren't going the way Kj wants them to, she gets quite upset. Lots of screaming and such, but hopefully she'll grow out of it. She is so obedient and very helpful with chores like folding laundry and putting dishes away. She loves to snuggle up to read, makes up her own songs, and is getting better on her little scoot bike. She never wants me to do her hair and I don't like to bother with it because the girls are always rolling around and it falls out anyway. She has a beautiful hair color. Kj is like me in that she's not concerned with hair or fashion. She is only 5, but M shows a lot more inclination for clothes than Kj or I do. Maybe her Aunt Amy can be her guide there. :)

Daddy's little helpers taking apart the hideous entertainment center we've had since getting married.  We got rid of our TV last weekend!  We haven't had TV service since getting married, and I'm trying to put the girls in front of the TV less.  There's more space in our living area now.

M loved using that power screwdriver!

Kj opening some presents.  She really is a cute girl, just not photogenic like mom.  That girl got LOTS of Squinkies for her birthday.

 Her stegosaurus cake. 

The two princesses for Halloween.  Kj did some "alterations" so it was looking a little less cute, but she was more comfortable.


amydear said...

Happy Birthday to KJ! It was fun to celebrate with her. She definitely has her own personality, and gorgeous hair.

Maggie said...

She is so cute. We got lots of squinkies too:) Gracie loves them... so does Maisy. Looks like a fun bday. I love your stegosaurus cake.

Oh, and about the pinata. I just got pressured into it because Gracie has been talking for months about how she wanted a pinata at her party like a friend birthday party we went to a super long time ago.

Michael Family said...

I love her cake! and I am in awe that you can go TV-less.

Shauna said...

Maggie, while you're pinata was quite enviable, I've seen other moms make them too. I think it's great that you are so creative, and I wish that I were more so.

Britney said...

I think those are great pictures! Your girls are so cute and fun! We miss you guys and need to play more and soon!! I like the cake too, very impressive!