Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finding time to blog right now is difficult for me. I thought it'd get a bit easier as Teddy grew older, but not so. He isn't on a schedule yet, and between feeding and entertaining my kids and keeping house, I don't have much down time. And the down time I do have I want to spend elsewhere, thus the neglected blog.

Moving on!

Moo turned 3 on Friday! My little girl is three years old. She is too cute for her own good, has a great raspy voice, loves anything physical, delights in playing with and tormenting her older sister, loves to entertain Teddy and wrestle daddy, and is also a big helper around the house. She tends to not tell the truth, which is a very different trait from her sister. Moo is full of life and fun. She got some dress up and dance clothes for her birthday and loves pretty things.

Poor Kj has been throwing up all day today. Thankfully she's trained to do it in the bowl now. The first one was not so successful, but the clean up hasn't been too bad since. I feel so badly for her. You know she's hurting and she wants it to stop, but there's nothing we can do for her besides help her be as comfortable as possible. She's never thrown up for an entire day like this. I hope it's over by tomorrow. I've washed my hands 147 times today.

And guess who is sitting up all by himself? That's right, my little Teddy. He acquired the skill over the weekend. He still doesn't roll over, or like to be on his tummy. Oh well. I can not express how much I adore my little man. I see him, smell him, hold him and I just adore him. He is the cutest baby and I'm so glad I'm his mama. I think we need to start feeding him solids because he seems to be eating frequently. And he doesn't sleep through the night anymore. :( Bummer.

Et moi? I ran 10 miles yesterday, which is the longest I've ever gone. And last week my running partner and I ran a 7:38 mile for our last mile repeat on our speed day. It's fun to get faster and stronger with running. We have a speed day, hill day, and long day. It works very well for what I want. I hope to start swimming one day a week next month. And I'm reading the "Anne of Green Gables" series, which is fun. "Windy Poplars" is not my favorite. The first two are really the best. The rest seem like the author creating new, funny characters for Anne to interact with and impact in some way. Exercising and reading are my two outlets right now, so besides mothering, that's about all I can talk about. :)

Hope you have a great week. Welcome February! We have lots of birthdays to celebrate this month, as well as the day of love. And I hoped to lose some more weight. Not looking likely.

I know this isn't a great pic of Kj, but it's the best I have.  I have a hilarious video of her dancing and singing.  She loves her dance class.

M loves her class too.  They were so excited when I brought home their tights and shoes.

M on her birthday.  She has been dying to wear that dress, which I like to save for church because it's a nice one.  I indulged her on her birthday (Friday) and let her wear it all day.

Daddy delivers another sweet cake, Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony.

And here's my little man sitting up.  Does he not have one the sweetest baby faces you have ever seen?  He is a great baby too, hardly ever fussy.


Maggie said...

So fun. Sounds like you have been busy (and motivated!).Cute pics. I need to get Gracie in a dance class.

Klearbon said...

He does have a very sweet baby face!! Your girls look like my girls all dressed up and ready for fun! Good job at running 10 miles! I did a 5 mile last week and it was great! Are you going to be doing any races?

amydear said...

Malia's birthday face is my favorite.