Monday, March 12, 2012

Wahoo! It's only 8:10 and the kids are already in bed. I am seizing this rare occasion and am posting on my neglected blog. Do you ever compose posts in your head? I do that all the time, but only 3% of my compositions make it to my blog right now.

Life is good, no, life is great! We've had lots of little happenings in our little family, so here's a random update for you.

#1 - Anti-sleeping forces

Meet Kj, Moo and Teddy, my little band of anti-sleeping agents. Their mission: make sleeping difficult for parental units. How to accomplish this mission: by having revolving sicknesses for the past six weeks, and having potty accidents while sleeping. Moo and Teddy are on the last stages of a cold, and I hope we stay sick-free for awhile. Knowing our history this winter, we'll catch some new bug at church on Sunday and start the non-sleeping cycle on Monday. Sigh.

This really puts a damper on my goal of waking up early to study scriptures before exercising. Both have been suffering lately, but not terribly. When I have woken up early, I've really enjoyed my quiet time before plunging into the daily routine.

#2 - Kindergarten Kj registered for kindergarten last Friday. I nearly cried on my way home. My attitude regarding mothering has changed for the better the past year or two; I love being with children (generally), and am sad that my first little bird is leaving the nest. I wanted to try homeschooling, but hubby is adamantly against homeschooling, and Kj is very excited to go to kindergarten. She got into a nearby charter school that gets rave reviews. All the parents of current kindergarteners I've spoken to say that we will be so happy at this school, and I am very grateful for that. It's an all-day kindergarten. Can I live without my Kj for six hours? Ugh. It seems so long. I am determined to enjoy her while I have her though. Here's to a great upcoming spring and summer!

#3 - Dresses I am wearing only skirts now, and hope to incorporate dresses when Teddy is done nursing. Why the change? I first read on a woman's blog about a year ago that she only wears skirts and I scoffed at the idea. What a silly woman! But I've read a lot and given a lot of thought to modesty and my wardrobe, and I concluded that many of my clothing was immodest. I had a lot of shirts and pants that were too tight, some skirts and dresses that were too short, etc. I also took a hard look at my motivation in my clothing, and I realized a sad, disgusting thing: I wanted people to be impressed with my figure. I wanted to show off that I am in shape, to show the curves of my body.

So I've revamped my wardrobe, thanks to hubby's generosity, and purchased new skirts and tops. I feel so much more comfortable, feminine and pretty! I love, love, love these skirts that I found:

And conveniently, this skirt can also be a strapless dress!!! Just kidding. I mean, it can, but that would defeat the modesty purpose, no?

There are a few things I love about these skirts. The first is that they're casual enough for everyday wear: baby food splatter, snot wiping, that sort of thing. Another is that they go below the knee, a requirement of mine for skirts and dresses. And best of all, these skirts have AWESOME twirl factor. I'm talking about twirl like the napkins from "Be Our Guest" in the "Beauty and the Beast" movie. The girls love it when I twirl.

One downside of going to skirts is that I've had to buy leggings too. I don't mind having to wear leggings: I'm grateful for the extra warmth. The added expense is a bit of a downer.

#4 - Teddy I take great delight in my baby. He is cute and good-natured. People are always complimenting me on how cute he is.

Posing as Jack-Jack from The Incredibles
Bad news: Teddy took an 8 pm nap. Ugh.

#5 - A new calling I just got called as Compassionate Service Leader in our RS. I was previously a counselor in the Primary presidency. I'm excited for a new calling. I was feeling like I was ready to move on.

Enjoy some pics of the kiddos!

Rapunzel and Pasquel, if you were wondering.  They love that golden sheet we have.


Michael Family said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!

amydear said...

I like the window pics. I think it's okay to want to look nice, and I've never seen you wear anything too tight. Hope you sleep better soon!

The DuPree's said...

Cute skirt, where'd you get it? I'm always on the hunt for comfortable, cute, flattering and modest.