Friday, May 25, 2012

Five for Friday

~ 1 ~

Actual trail I will be running on.  Not actually me.
Tomorrow is my much-anticipated trail run race.  Approximately 12 miles of glorious and demanding hills and trails.  I've trained well, but haven't slept much this week.  I'm going to try to get to bed by 9:30 tonight.  See you at the finish line!

~ 2 ~

THIS is the chocolate I want!!!
Hubby and I are continuing our fast from desserts and junk food.  Last night I made some healthy cookies that I thought might be legal, but after one taste, I determined that they were too sugary.  Whew!  That small bite seemed super sweet and gave me a bit of a sugar high.  Ugh.  I love that I think snow peas taste sweet, and I also love that my Farmer's Market is open again.  Hooray for farmer's markets and their fresh strawberries.  Is there anything yummier than strawberries and cream?  

Back to no treats, what is it about us humans that when we can't have something our desire for the thing increases ten fold?  I don't miss sugar, per se, but man, I could enjoy good dark chocolate any time.  Dark chocolate is what I miss the most.  I still want it, but the cravings have dissipated quite a bit.  I've programmed my body to want treats at certain times of day, mainly after lunch, and still experience the expectation of having a treat after that meal.  

Weight loss is not a goal of mine, but I was curious to see if I would lose any weight.  Nope, not a pound.  Do you know why?  Because I continue to eat more food, especially late into the evening.  Silly me.  

~ 3 ~

Would you like to potty train my three year old?  I stink at potty training.  

~ 4 ~

I love my children.  I have wonderful children.  Kj is one of the sweetest girls I know.  She is a peacemaker in our family and very generous with her younger sister.  Her imagination is vivid, and she is obedient and kind.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful eldest child.

Moo is a barrel of energy and fun, always trying to make people laugh.  Playing with her baby brother is a favorite past time of hers, for which I am very grateful.  She's into giving and blowing kisses lately, and perks her lips into a little fishy lips to do so.  It's very charming.

I absolutely adore my baby.  Wherever we go, he is complimented on what a beautiful baby he is.  His big blue eyes, the smile that lights up his entire face, and his easy-going ways makes it easy to enjoy him.  He is so close to walking!  He is forming his own opinion about things and thinks that flushing the toilet is the bees knees.  (Where did the phrase "bees knees" come from?)

Kj invites you to join her for a picnic.

~ 5 ~

Sometimes I moo while I'm chewing
I hope you don't think that's it rude
But mooing and chewing are what I like doing
Do you moo while you chew your food?
(From the Usborne Book of Children's Poems)


Michael Family said...

Good luck on your race! You will rock it!

amydear said...

So, is now a good time to tell you I have some Amano chocolate at my house? No? Sorry. Hee hee! I can't wait to get back to trail running, although it will be trail slogging for awhile.