Sunday, August 26, 2012

Birthday Boy

Our little S turned one this month.  How is it that he is one year old already? and hasn't he been in our family longer than that?  S has a cousin whose birthday is two days later, so we had a little family celebration.  I made a cake similar to what Pres. Monson's mother used to make, as seen here in the Friend magazine.  It was tasty, but I liked other cakes I've made in the past better than this one. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I absolutely adore my baby.  He is happy, playful, cuddly, and adorable.  Wherever we go, people are constantly commenting on what a handsome boy he is, and I swell with pride each time. 

S is very interested in observing cats and dogs and other small, furry animals, but would rather not have to touch them.   He loves to push his wagon, cart, and the girls' stroller around, but especially his little Radio Flyer wagon.  When he gets too tired, he doesn't mind taking a seat and getting pushed himself.  He also likes being chased, blowing kisses, and holding one end of a jump rope while someone else holds the other end while S leads them around.  His sisters have been gone this week at grandma's house so we've had to entertain each other.  He's enjoyed having free reign on the coveted little table and two chairs in the girls' room.  We'll need to make an IKEA trip soon to remedy the shortage of chairs.  One of my favorite new things is the way he backs up into my lap to either be read to or put his shoes on.  He is so snuggly!

I love to watch the progression of understanding in babies.  Some words he knows are mama, dada, bath, shoes, outside, upstairs, backward, eat, done, drink, and read/book.

He's also a pain at night, oftentimes waking up every two hours to be comforted.  Ugh.  We're working on it. 

I wish I had a good picture of his smile right now.  He has his two little bottom teeth, one big one coming in on the top, and then the two next to the two middle on the top, so his little grin is lopsided.  So cute! 

As far as percentiles go, he's about 30th in weight, 54th in height, and - get this - 94th in head circumference.  Nice going buddy!
How do you like that noggin?
We love our little guy so much!  Enjoy the rest of the pics.

Cake is good.
M prefers ice cream to cake.
Kj isn't picky.

And who doesn't love a smile from this cute cousin?


Michael Family said...

Happy birthday! He is adorable!

Maggie said...

So cute. he is so grown up!

Britney said...

Happy birthday Seth!! Cute little baby! Wow, a year flies by fast, huh?