Friday, December 21, 2012

Five for Friday: Christmas with kids edition

I am joining in Heather's Five for Friday blog hop from Women in the Scriptures.  Thanks for hosting!

~ 1 ~
Happy first day of winter to you!  There are so many things to celebrate this time of year besides the obvious: winter's arrival and Joseph Smith's birthday come to mind.  Well, we don't celebrate them per se, but I do think of them and talk with my children about them. 

We don't get much snow here, only lots and lots of rain, but it did snow very wet snow on Wednesday morning this past week.  The girls were dying to get outside to "play" in it, and I really wanted to take a picture of them in their rain-gear-posing-as-snow-gear, but after getting three children ready to play in the snow, I was exhausted and just wanted to get them outside. :)  But they looked cute.  And wouldn't you know, just as we were getting outside, it stopped snowing and the 1/2 inch that was on the ground melted.  After getting very wet, the kids were cold and wanted to go inside, and then it started snowing again!  Well, we tried.

~ 2 ~
In our home, there is a nice big spot for a TV to sit, but as we don't have a TV, we decided to fill up the spot with our nativity set.  HH's grandma made us a nativity set for the first Christmas we were married (so cool!), and it is a LARGE set.  My friend once put it that we have all of Jerusalem.  But this huge hole for the TV fits it so well.  My little camera and pathetic photography abilities do not capture the beauty of the display; it looks a bit better than this.  But I really enjoy looking at it everyday, helping me to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

~ 3 ~
The girls and I made sugar cookies yesterday and decorated them today while little man was asleep.  There is something so magical about having free reign on the sprinkles, no?  Didn't they do a lovely job? 





~ 4 ~
HH doesn't get home from work until 6:30, meaning we eat dinner pretty late in our house.  That last hour before he gets home is quite often a hard one, so I confess that I often employ the power of the DVD.  Here's a pic of the kids on the couch with their apples zoning out on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, most likely.

~ 5 ~
HH and I get to go to a youth philharmonic orchestra performance next week.  I am so excited!!!  I haven't been to many cultural things since leaving BYU over five years ago.  Hooray for free tickets through work!

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