Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas pics

Just a warning to you, they're lousy.  I opened up the blinds all the way and turned on all the lights, but our living room is a decidedly bad place to take pictures, which is unfortunate because that is where the Christmas tree is located.  Oh well.  At least my kids are cute.  Though not photogenic, so the cuteness factor may be a bit diminished. :) 

I started getting sick again Christmas evening, but continued my normal routine on Thursday and Friday because HH had to work.  But I rested yesterday and felt lousy, but very grateful, while doing so.  Poor HH.  This is the third time I've been sick this season, and it's only December!!!  I think my body is telling me that I need more than six hours of sleep a night.  And that I can't pull late nights unless I get more sleep the next day/night.  I'm not usually sick this frequently, I think.  It's frustrating for our entire family  HH holds down the fort well, though. 

Enjoy (or just look) at the pictures.  Happy New Year!

Kj was quite sassy in her posing this year.

Moo has been taking dance classes this year. :)

This is her camera smile.

Kj let me curl her hair.  This is an unprecedented occurrence.  Usually she won't let me do anything to it, though sometimes on Sunday I insist on a bow or braid or something!

Love my little man!

Isn't that squishy smile so cute?

He was so excited about his recycling truck!


Michael Family said...

They are so cute! I love your baby!

amydear said...

They are all cute! I like Kj's curls. Malia looks so serious.

Trina said...

Sooo adorable!!! I love their poses!!! And Kjs hair is super cute all curled!