Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moo turned 5!!!!

Happy late birthday to Moo!  She had a great birthday weekend, with Goombaw and Papa coming on Friday.  On Saturday she went to a friend's birthday party, we played, went to a farm to look at horses and sit on stationary tractors (because we know how to have a good time), and went to eat at Red Robin, every kid's request on their birthday.  Sunday was a righteous day at church, and then a birthday party on Monday, her actual birthday.  I took her and six of her friends to a trampoline place and everyone had a great time.  We came back to our house for pizza and cookie decorating.  It was a great, simple birthday party.  I did not take pictures though.  Well, I took some with my phone.  I need to get them onto the computer.  There is a super cute one of her and her friend, Baylor, who shares Malia's birthday.  My poor children will not have any memorabilia of their birthdays because I'm so bad at taking pictures.

Our Moo is such a good sister and friend.  She is the one child who plays best with all her siblings.  She can play more sophisticated games with Kj, be loud and physical with Little Man, and loves to entertain the baby.  She is LOUD.  I wish I had a volume control for her, but sometimes I don't mind her volume.  Exuberant is one good word to describe Moo, and I admire her passion for life.  She is very capable at entertaining herself with the simplest things, not necessarily a toy.  She also has a knack for acting, like her daddy.  I have heard the Frozen song, "Let it Go" way too many times.  She got an Elsa dress and doll for her birthday, which help fuel the love for that movie.  (Which, by the way, I find too mature for the little kids who love to watch movies like that.  Why do movie makers do that?)  Moo has always been a very coordinated girl, and I hope to get her into gymnastics someday because I think she would rock that sport.  She has been taking swim lessons and always has her face in the water.  She and Kj recently got matching suits, and they have fun running around the house in their suits and goggles.  I love watching my kids play.  Moo is also starting to read, which is so fun.  She's a bit too quick to try to guess the word after reading the first three letters, so we're working on saying all the sounds, but I think she'll be a steady reader soon.  She takes pride in writing things down, and enjoys drawing and coloring. Oh!  And she learned to ride her two-wheel bike that we got her for her birthday.  So did Kj, actually.  I knew that both would take off once they got bikes that fit them.  Scoot bikes are the way to go, I tell you, teaching them how to balance.  Training wheels are lame.  If you don't have a scoot bike, take off the pedals and chain like we did, but make sure you don't lose them like we did. :)

We love you, Moo!  You are so important to our family.

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amydear said...

It's sad not to celebrate birthdays with your family. Fun to read about all the great things Malia is up to. I miss those kids!