Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sometimes. . .

1) I confess things on my blog, but not very often.  In fact, I hold back (filter) a lot of what I really want to write because I don't want to offend people.  You see, I've spend most of my life saying the wrong things, or saying something in the wrong way, and offending people.  I don't feel like I have many really good friends because I think I must be a difficult person to stay friends with.  My sisters are my friends because they're my sisters, but I don't know if we'd be friends if we weren't related.  Other than that, I have one friend who I know absolutely loves me and cares.  Beyond her, it's just a lot of acquaintances varying from fine to good. 

2) I just want to be alone, cleaning and reading and eating with no interruptions.  But don't we all want that?

3) I eat WAY too much bad food in day.  Unfortunately, this occurs with greater frequency than sometimes.  It's more like frequently. 

4) I cook with coconut oil and think it adds a wonderful dimension of flavor.  But my kids don't like it, so I use it only in foods for myself, HH and baby.

5) baby gets food stuck in her wrist rolls and I have to clean it out.  Awesome!  Love the chunk.

6) I feel awesome while running.

7) I feel lousy while running.

8) I am silly and do funny dances for my kids.  Their laughter fills me with happiness.

9) I don't do my family history like I should be doing right now.

10) I want to get rid of 50% of the things in my home to simplify.


Kelly(M&M) said...

You definitely tell it how it is, and I love that about you! I have enjoyed getting to know you through walking and then running. :-) I enjoyed reading your confessions and I definitely understand quite a few of them- especially the desire for alone time sometimes and the love/hate relationship with running! Thanks for being willing to run with me! I really do owe you!

amydear said...

Don't sell yourself short on friendships. You are an excellent friend. Very kind and thoughtful! I want to simplify too. I'm going to purge and have a yard sale with my neighbors. Yeah!

Michael Family said...

Sometimes...I try to leave comments on your blog and I can't figure out the code to prove I'm not a robot. Actually that happens like all the time!

Jenni said...

Shauna-you an awesome friend! You are very kind and thoughtful and so willing to share and help. I love that about you. As for the things you say-you can always make me laugh and I love that! Also, I love your thoughts about life and how we can seek out the best. An awesome and inspiring friend to more than you probably think!

Travis & Joann said...

I always think you're hilarious. One time I came over to your house, way back in high school, and you told me you could eat ice cream like everyday. I agreed! You and April were a fun pair to hang out with. I feel the same about running too.