Monday, May 18, 2015

Great losses

Last week our Middle Sis lost THREE teeth, two in one night and one two nights following.  Was that confusing? Suffice it to say, she lost three teeth in three days, so now she's rich from bounteous Tooth Fairy visits.  Actually, in an attempt to be a more "global" family, El Raton Perez visited her one of the nights.  No, we have no Hispanic/Lation/Spanish backgrounds.  We checked out a cute book with El Raton Perez and the Tooth Fairy once, and both have been welcomed into our home since.  I took a pic after she lost the two teeth in one night, but have yet to get a pic of her with three teeth gone.  She speaks with a lisp now, which is adorable.  Congrats Moo!

I'm guest posting at Cranial Hiccups on Wednesday, if you want to check it out.  I wrote a bit on dealing with picky eaters.  Nope, my kids are not fabulous eaters.  I just read a book on it once that I really liked.  :)  But as I've adopted some of the principles from the book, they have helped a lot.  So take a peek if you'd like.

We had the misfortune to get a bit of lice in our family.  Moo had it the worst, Kj and I had light cases, and thankfully HH and the little ones didn't get it at all.  If you get lice, I highly recommend Lice Knowing You.  It is awesome!!!!  It works so well and they teach you what to do, like washing everything in your house isn't necessary.  But our van looks so nice all vacuumed out, and I finally got around to washing the car seat covers. :)  Anyway, if you don't have Lice Knowing You in your area, I highly recommend ordering it online.  It's all natural, no nasty chemically stuff, and one package is enough to treat a family of five.  

Have a fabulous week!  Baby is due on Wednesday, which means she will probably come on Saturday or Sunday. Sunday would be better, so that means she'll probably come on Saturday. :)

This is my tummy, by the way:


amydear said...

I'm glad for your tummy photo! I was thinking I haven't seen you recently enough. Yeah for baby and being rid of lice!

Tawny Crane said...

You seem to have handled that lice issue with ease. I am sure one day we'll have the unhappy fortune to host those little...Umm I am just not sure what describing word would do them justice. Suffice it to say I dread the day. So good to know about that reference.
And happy baby due day any day. I have found it so odd that the natural comings and goings in this world are out of our hands. You'd think since it's your own body that you would know "tomorrow is the day"
On a side note TODAY the 21st is Amelia's birthday! I told her, her birth story (the simplified version for repeat sake). We'll say a prayer for you and your little one I am sure Amelia will pray for it to be today :) Take care

Tawny Crane said...

p.s. it looks like you have a basketball in your shirt. :)