Monday, September 10, 2007


Shauna here. We finally took some pictures of our home and our little family, so here you go. Jonas is plugging away at school, Mandi had two interviews with Hollywood video, and she should hear back from them today whether she got the job or not, and I am still applying. Sigh. Not even an interview yet. I hate job hunting. Oh well. I just sent in a big application to the University of Oregon, so I hope to at least be considered for the job. Oh! Fun Kjersten story. She's said her first word now, officially, though I still think her first word was "duck." I know some very simple sign language, and try to use it when talking with Kjersten. Words like "thank you," "eat," "done," "more," etc. One evening while feeding her dinner, I told her that she would take a bath that night, and I made the sign for bath (which is rubbing both hands on your tummy/chest area). After dinner, I was resting on the couch watching Kjersten play for a bit. She walked along the coffee table towards me, looked right at me, said, "Bah!" and rubbed her chest! She now says "Bah" and makes the sign for bath everyday. That girls likes water! She can also say "Done" and says "no" a lot. Hmmm. We're currently working on "please" and "thank you." I love being a mom and staying home with my baby. I'll be sad to have to work, but it will be nice to use that degree we worked so hard for!


amypete said...

I can't believe Kjersten is almost ONE! Wow. Will Kara grow that quickly? Your little house is cute. Good luck in the job hunt. Sometimes I wish I had a job!

The Smith Family said...

Hi Shauna! It was so great to hear from you on my blog! I'm a new blogger so I'm having fun looking at all my friends blogs. I can't believe how big your little baby is! She's so cute. This is such a great way to keep in touch!

Joel said...

How come mandy gets to hold kjersten without her crying?!