Monday, October 22, 2007

Le Sigh

That's a phrase my husband uses a lot, "le sigh." That's what I feel like doing right now. I've reflected on my past blog entry, and I think that a blog shows very much what a person is like. My entries are very boring and to the point, and I do not decorate very well. But that's okay!

I started my job today. Well no, I started on Friday, but today was my first full day. I'm just shadowing people right now, trying to learn the ropes. Everyone tells me it will take at least six months to really feel like I know what I'm doing, so I'll let you know in April if I like the job or not. The people there seem very considerate and professional; a good workplace makes for a good experience. It is humbling and exciting to be in a beginning social worker position. I have a vague idea of how much I don't know and how much there is to learn. I can tell already that I will have good examples to follow.

Jonas informed me the other day that I use the word "hate" a lot, and I do! It's terrible! I am trying to change the way I speak, but I found that I really, truly dislike being a working mom. I do not want to be away from my baby. Oh, it is so sad. I am trying to focus on what a blessing it is that I have my MSW degree, am gaining good experience, can work towards earning my LCSW, that we can meet our financial needs, etc. Being home with Kjersten for the past six months has truly been the happiest time in my life, and to not be with her as often is difficult. Our family is trying to take the attitude that we can learn and grow stronger from this experience. I am grateful for Jonas' positive attitude.

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amypete said...

I think little K looks like you finally! I can see you and Joel in her. Perhaps the package I sent you yesterday will clear away your sighs. But be warned, you may have to use your 24 hour dessert period to fully enjoy it.