Sunday, November 4, 2007


Hello friends and family. We haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd give the old blog a little update. Two of my three sisters have blogs, and I really enjoy reading them, so I check them everyday to see if there's anything new. I feel guilty for not posting recently. Now that's a terrible introduction because now you know it won't be interesting post.

Hmm, what to talk about? Squirrels, of course. We have very amusing and very large squirrels in our area. I think they may drink the tap water of the U of Oregon football player down the street. We like to name our squirrels and they all have a French name. Did you know that you can make anything sound French just by using a good accent? I am terrible at accents; the only one I can come close to is a British one, and even that's not good. But my hubby and sister-in-law excel at such things. I was serving rice, beans, and salsa one night for dinner, and in her best French accent, Mandi made it sound like a gourmet meal. Try it sometime, if you've got the talent.

Anyway, my favorite squirrel is Monique. I like her because she comes right up to our big patio glass door and politely rests on her haunches until we see her and bring out the sunflower seeds. I'm a health nut and have lots of different nuts and seeds in the house. I tried sharing raw pumpkin seeds once, but the squirrels didn't like them at all. I know because instead of eating the seeds, they formed the words, "Yuck!" with them. Clever things. After we see Monique, we say, "Hold on, let me get the sunflower seeds." Monique runs back from the window a little bit so we know she won't try to run in the house, bite my daughter, give her rabies and whatever else she's carrying, and we throw out the seeds to her. It's quite a technique, throwing sunflower seeds. I throw some far from the window so Monique knows we won't try to catch her, dress her in my daughter's clothes, and keep her as a pet, and I throw some right by the door so we can watch her up close. Kjersten gets a kick out of watching Monique.

Sometimes other squirrels come asking for food too. Their names are Albert (pronounced Al-bear), Francois, and Juliette. There was a Raoul, but we think he got hit by a car. Probably too much drinking from the faucet down the street.

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amypete said...

Squirrels in our neighborhood love to eat Halloween pumpkins. There is also a crazy scary one that isn't rabid, but might be on the verge. He's just a little too erratic in his movements. Do you remember the black squirrels from Boston?