Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Babystitting to the extreme

Hi friends! My sister, Maris,a and her hubby Wayne are going to Hawa'ii in early February, and I volunteered to watch their two children, James (4, I think) and Katie (17ish months) for the week. Crazy of me? Perhaps. Jonas and I once watched another sister's children for a week while they went on a cruise, and let me tell you, I was ready for that week to end. The children were great and well-behaved, but we weren't in our own home and didn't have any kids of our own yet. It will be a little different this time around. James and Katie are coming up to Oregon, and now we have a baby just three months younger than Katie. I am really excited to see the two interact; should be good times. That's the latest thing in our life.

Besides that, Jonas has started school again and is really enjoying his property law class because his professor is very enthusiastic about her subject. Oh!!!!! And I am taking a modern dance class twice a week. It's on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-1 (sad that it's only one hour, but at least it's something!), and I am so excited to get back into dancing. I think I will be disappointed with my lack of ability, but oh well. Work is busier that it used to be, and I'm grateful for that. Please enjoy the picture of Marisa and I as cute little chubby girls. Love that belly!


Paige and Trey Clark said...

You don't look any different from when you were 2! Your little girl is also adorable like you were!
Hope you had some happy holidays!

Lisa said...

What a great picture Shauna!!! SO CUTE! How are you by the way? I saw your site on Kelli Foutch's site....I'm so glad to be able to see what you have been up to! How is mommy life? Take care and keep in touch- leesmwhite@yahoo.com