Friday, January 4, 2008


My daughter Kjersten loves to dance. She used to just bend and straighten her legs, but she's getting a bit more sophisticated in her moves. The hips, shoulders and head are now being incorporated, and it's very fun to watch. Kjersten LOVES watching her cousin Hayden's dance videos, and were she able to talk, she would probably attribute some of her moves to his genius. We were playing Nat King Cole tonight, and Kjersten showed us a new move of hers: Pin. That's her word for spin. She does pretty well for being 14 months old. Don't you love chubby baby thighs in cute little onesies? They're delicious!


amypete said...

Good dancin', Kjersten. Maybe you and Hayden can get together and dance together sometime. Bust a move!

The Smith Family said...

I love the spin - it's my kids favorite dance move too! Thanks for sending the pics of you guys on snapfish - so cute! Hope you guys are doing well!

Adrienne said...

Hey guys! Ok, so I'm a stocker! I found your blog on your facebook page, so I just had to take a peak! Your daughter is so cute! So you guys are in Eugene hu? I was there a couple time this past summer. My husband is from Medford area. Hope you don't mind if I add your blog link to my "fellow bloggers" list on my blog. Take care!
Adrienne (Johnson)

Scotty Sarah Asher Graham said...

Hey. I love your pics. Kjersten is so cute. k-bye