Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My joy

Are you surprised to find that this entry is NOT about Kjersten? She is a joy in my life too, but this entry is about dancing, modern dance in particular. Most of you probably know that I danced ballet while growing up. I was trained in classical ballet by a very talented teacher, and I consider my background solid, though not varied. I've danced both ballet and modern off and on since officially "quitting" my junior year in high school.

The University of Oregon allows community members to take some classes at a very low price for their term, lasting only ten weeks. I took a modern class this term, and LOVED it!!!!! Everyday of dancing was truly a joy. I've run and swam, walked and done yoga to keep myself in shape after quitting dancing, but nothing feels as good as dancing does to me. I love moving my body in different ways, fast or slow, sustained or quick, any emotion/feeling can be done through dance. It is also a joy because I don't take dance as seriously as I used to. I enter the studio, dance my best, and have fun with it, not worrying about impressing anyone. Modern is much more liberal and conducive to my body type than ballet ever was as well.

I am going to take another class next term as well, starting early April. Yeah for dancing!


amypete said...

If I move to Eugene we'll have to take a modern class together. But you will have to promise not to laugh at me.

Michael Family said...

How fun! I am so glad that you found something truly enjoyable. yay for taking a second class too!