Monday, March 17, 2008

any suggestions?

So Kjersten has plenty of books, and we go to the library quite often. I am needing some fun kids music for her though, especially some upbeat stuff, as she is a budding dancer like her cousin and mom. What do you recommend?


amypete said...

Joanie Bartels is lots of fun. And it may sound crazy, but I like the Wiggles. They have good tunes and a good variety on every cd. Try some from the library first to see what you (and Kjersten) like. Then you can buy the ones you think are great. A lot of people like some Lauri lady, but I can't think of her last name. I could be wrong about her first name too. : )

Michael Family said...

My friend gave me a Wee Sing CD that came with a book of the songs for Katie's birth. It's pretty cute--it has traditional songs on it that all kids know.

Shauna said...

Thanks seesters, and thanks for being the only ones who visit our blog! We love you!