Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Once upon a sad time.....

Shauna went to an agency in Eugene to visit with her LCSW supervisor. Shauna was accompanied to the agency by her loving husband and adorable girl, at the hour of about 7 pm, when most businesses of this sort are closed for the day. When the Hemenway family finished their business in the said agency and came outside to drive home, they discovered that their car was missing!!!! Alas and alack, Jonas looked around the parking lot and saw a sign for a towing service. Thankfully, the car had been towed and not stolen, but disconcertingly, the car was towed with alarming rapidity. The Hemenway family had not been 20 minutes away from their car before it had been taken away and parked in the tow company's lot.

Now, when Jonas initially pulled into the parking lot, he tried to make sure that his parking space was a safe one. There were no signs in front of the parking spot, nor markings on the asphalt to indicate that his choice was a poor one. Upon further inspection, a sign was found on the building to the right of the spot, a bit hidden behind the protruding wall of the said building. Sigh. The tow cost an alarmingly high rate of $240!!!!! Yikes!!!!!! The Hemenways were sad, but what could be done? They could only learn their lesson in looking twice before parking in downtown Eugene.


Hemenway said...

fortunately, the fine was actually only 220.00, not 240.00. But still a humbling chunk out of the bank of a half student/half professional/half toddler family.

....That's right, we are a 150% family!

Michael Family said...

So sad! At least your car is ok. You should appeal or file a complaint about poor signage. What a bummer!