Saturday, April 5, 2008


I copied this tag from my friend Sarah LaBass' blog. Hope you enjoy!

10 years ago....
I was 15 years old and going to University High School. Mmmm, high school days were not my favorite, but I loved dancing ballet and was very involved with that. I probably was also arguing with my parents and dreaming about the time when I could finally go on dates.

5 Things on my to-do list today.....
Well, it's almost 10 pm now, so my plans are to get a back rub from my honey and go to sleep. But today I listened/watched Conference, cleaned the house, made bread and rolls, and took Kjersten on a little shopping excursion. I love to stay home on Saturdays after working Thursday and Friday.

If I was a billionaire.....
Ultimately I would pay off our debts (student loans), buy a year's supply of food and emergency supplies, save for a home and kid's college, and hopefully give the rest away. But I would want to do it wisely, and I'm not sure how I would accomplish the wise part. I would love to build a huge homeless shelter. I would also crusade for universal health/mental health care and free higher education in the United States. It is a huge shame that we do not have universal health care, but I'm saving my venting for another blog. Ugh!

3 bad habits....
My worst habit is probably being too judgmental of others, especially the people in my home, poor Jonas and Mandi.
I pick and chew at my fingernails, more the right hand than the left, for some odd reason.
I'm tactless.

5 places I've lived.....
I was born in Concord, CA once and lived in Walnut Creek for about the first year of my life.
Spokane, WA for my childhood and teenage years.
Provo, UT for my college years.
Medford, MA, a suburb of Boston, for nine months during part of my sophomore year of college. Thanks Petersons!
Currently, Eugene, OR, which I love!!! They're all about recycling and saving the earth here.

5 jobs I've had.....
Lifeguard for about 5 years. I also taught swim lessons and water aerobics.
Pastry/cake maker at an Italian/French pastry shop in Medford, MA. I gained the most delicious ten pounds of my life!
Researcher for NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research). It was as boring as it sounds, but I could work from home if we had Internet.
Executive Director of a very small non-profit that provided free respite care to families of children with disabilities. I love Friday's Kids!
Currently working as an Admission Specialist at Serenity Lane. I wish I was a dance/movement therapist, and someday I will be!

3 things most people don't know about me.....
I've had my bellybutton pierced and I really liked it.
I swam in only my underwear and bra in Lake Winnipesaukee ( you know, "What About Bob?")
My favorite chocolate is really dark (like 70%) with hazelnuts and toffee. Yum!


amydear said...

Kyle wants to know if you still have your navel pierced. When did you do that, and did Dad know about it? That is crazy I never knew that. Of course, there's probably plenty more I don't know! We loved it when you lived with us in Boston! Except the early wake up time our daughter enjoyed while sharing a room with you.

Michael Family said...

What in the world? I never knew about the belly button. You are a wild girl, Shauna!