Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Great news for me!

Yesterday was a wonderful day for three reasons. The first is that our great friends, the Workmans, decided to come to Oregon for their spring break. Yeah!!!! I've been working hard to convince them to come. It will be a great week, full of lighthouses, aquariums, tide pools, and hiking. Secondly, my brother-in-law, Kyle, accepted the job offer to University of Oregon in the business school, I think. He has his Ph.D in Accounting, crazy man. They'll be moving out here in June. Yeah!!!!!! And thirdly, we found out today, on April Fools Day, that I'm pregnant.

Just kidding! We're not pregnant yet, but sure wouldn't mind being so. April Fools!

Okay, that joke is way overdone, huh? I just couldn't think of anything funny and believable at the same time. But, I am still sugar free, and this is Day #5 or so. Can't remember. That's silly of me. Oh well. Enjoy the picture of our funny friends, the Workmans.


Michael Family said...

Well, I am gullible, because I believed it at first! Yay for at least two fun things!

amydear said...

You might not be happy we're there once we get there. Just kidding. It will be GREAT fun. See you in July.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna, I found your blog through Adrienne's! It has been fun reading up on you guys to see what's happening with you. Your little girl is a cutie and she looks exactly(I would use italics if I could) like you, that is fun. Hopefully when you guys visit Spokane you will come to Evergreen ward so I can see her in person. I think that I know the guy in the tree. I'm pretty sure he was one of my FHE brothers at BYUI. That's neat that Amy is going to live near you in Oregon!-Marianne

Shauna said...

Marianne - Great to hear from you! I'd love to get your email address or blog address, if you have one. How are your crazy twins? I shouldn't assume they're crazy, sorry. How are the twins? :) Hope life is well, and thank you so much for saying hi!