Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boy was I wrong

You'd think if I had a "favorite" flower, I would know what it looks like, wouldn't you? In my case, you'd be wrong. My previous post showing pictures of what I thought was lily of the valley was not accurate, and boy do I feel silly! In the back of my mind I was thinking that something didn't seem quite right. It wasn't until last week, as Jonas, Kjersten and I were walking home from the park that I saw some real lily of the valley and realized my mistake. So here is a picture of the real Macoy.

Also, my sister Amy and her hubby Kyle are here in Eugene going house-hunting this week. It is so much fun having them in town! We are so excited to have them move here. Amy and Kyle went at it hard yesterday, so we watched Kara all day long, which was fun! She is very happy and easy-going. She slept for four hours, so we didn't really have to take care of her that much anyway. The picture above is of her and Kjersten watching Baby Einstein.

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Scotty Sarah Asher Graham said...

Nice one :) You are silly. Baby Einstein is the best to give mom a few minutes to do something. Have a great week.