Sunday, May 4, 2008

Consider the lilies of the field

Introducing . . . my favorite flower! Lilies-of-the-valley, those sweet little bell-shaped flowers, are a favorite flower of mine. I first discovered them in my Grandma Deehr's backyard. She has only white bells. Imagine my surprise while walking during my break the other day to find purple and pink lilies-of-the-valley as well. Obviously I don't know very much about my "favorite" flower, but I do know that they're beautiful and I love the way they smell. Lilies grow by the bushel full here in Eugene; I find them everywhere. Actually, I find more purple than white lilies. I think I still prefer the white, if I had to choose a color. These lilies-of-the-valley are found in a neighborhood yard. The pictures don't do justice to the beauty and variety of this woman's garden. It is so lovely! Her yard has small hills and valleys, with flowers growing everywhere. She was kind enough to let me take the pictures. I threw a tulip shot in there just to spice things up a bit too. What spring flowers do you love?


Michael Family said...

Fun pics, and pretty! Lilly of the valley is the official flower of May, which, of course, is the coolest month. I did not know that g-ma had those! Ill have to look next time.

amydear said...

I love tulips and daffodils best, but I also love crocuses when the poke through the snow, hyacinth, and blossoms on trees. It's kind of sad I'm so allergic to trees, grass, and flowers, because I love them so much. Maybe you can help me with my garden in Eugene.

Scotty Sarah Asher Graham said...

Lillies??? where is the picture of us running. Now we are the real beauties :)