Sunday, June 22, 2008


It's been too long, my huge adoring fan club. Kjersten and I ended up going to Idaho for the funeral. The drive was pretty terrible on the way there; we drove through the night, and Kjersten did not sleep through the night. Poor Jonas drove 10 straight hours. But it was wonderful to be there with family. Jonas' Idaho family are some of the most loving people I have ever met. The funeral services were wonderful as well. We took three days to drive home, and stayed over a night in Hood River with our good friends the Arbons. We call them Our bons. Thanks guys!

Onto fun news: My sister Amy and her family arrive in Eugene this week. They are moving here after Kyle got hired on as a professor of the business school at University of Oregon. They are moving just two blocks away from our home, and we are so excited to have them nearby! Jonas' dad and brother Josh are also coming into town this weekend for the Olympic Track and Field Trials. It's gonna be crazy around here. They're going to have a great time. I hope the weather is good. And the best news of all, my last day of work is July 4th!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!! I am so excited to be home and finally do my spring cleaning, now that summer is here. :)

In regards to the resident manager position, we told the owner that we would like to accept the position, but he is interviewing others as well. I'm not sure when we'll hear back from him. I'm going to call another property management company this week to inquire about other openings.

Sorry for the practical entry. I was excited to see that my floating baby doesn't look as much like an alien as it did last time I looked.


Michael Family said...

Ew. Sorry about the funeral, but yay for everything else! You and Amy will live it up!

Sarah L. said...

Wow, what a weekend. Now you need to relax. And after you are done working I think you should take lots of naps because after you have the second one, there will be none of that going on :)

amydear said...

See you tomorrow. Yeah!