Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In loving memory

Yesterday morning, Jonas got a call/text from his mom telling him that her mother, Granny, had had a heart attack. She was in the hospital, and Jonas' mom asked for our prayers. Only three hours later, Granny died. This was very sudden and unexpected. She was about 68 years old, active in her church, family, community, and work. She was not one to complain, so my understanding is that we don't know if she had been hurting or not. But Granny said that she didn't want a prolonged illness, and Heavenly Father honored that request. That request makes it a little harder for us down here.

Sharon _____ Park lived in Hamer, ID, with six of her seven children living in the surrounding area. She loved EVERYONE, though she is also known for holding her grudges. As I mentioned before, she was very active in her church by fulfilling her callings and completing her family history. Their home was open to any who wanted to stop by, drop in, or live for a time, and there was always yummy "Granny bread" to be eaten. She loved children of all ages, and made me feel at home even before Jonas and I were married. Hamer was only a four-hour drive from us while we lived in Utah for the first three years of our married life, and we visited Idaho at least two times a year. I am so happy and grateful that we took that time to spend with Granny, her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A little over a year ago, in March 2007, Granny had all six of her great-grandchildren in her home. Since then, two more have been added that she saw before passing away. I'm sad that Kjersten and our other little ones won't have the privilege and blessing of knowing Granny in this life, but we'll sure have good times in the next one! Granny was also very hard-working, driving potato trucks during harvest and I'm sure she did a lot more that I have no inkling of. She was also active in the Lions Club in that area, and helped out at school and civic functions.

Her funeral services will be held on Monday. Jonas and Mandi are taking the 12-hour road trip to Hamer, but Kjersten and I are going to stay home. The drive is a bit too much for Kjersten in that condensed period of time. I will really miss Granny when we go to Hamer this August for a cousin's wedding, and all following visits. She had a great laugh.

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Sarah L. said...

Sorry about your (jos) granny. I hope that all goes/went well. lots of love
ps who the heck is this lotto commenter. Tell them to stick it